The Biggest Engineering Projects of Palm Beach, FL in the last Decade

Open Shore Palm Beach Engineering


Palm Beach, Florida has grown in leaps and bounds over the years. It has become an ideal destination for students, business people, retirees, and tourists. As a matter of fact, the City of Palm Beach is investing in big projects, not just in business, but also in leisure. The main aim is to address the business and resident needs of the people of Palm Beach and to prepare for the future growth of the area.

This article identifies the major engineering milestones in Palm Beach, Florida.

The Biggest Engineering Projects of Palm Beach, FL in the last decade

The Clematis Streetscape project is a major engineering project in Palm Beach which aims at Clematis Street, one of the most iconic streets in the city. In order to start and complete this project, the city has engaged the visionary leadership of Dover, Kohl & Partners, an urban planning company. Clematis Street has been the hub of business district, West Palm Beach.

Members of the public have been given an opportunity to air their opinion of how the project should look like, and these opinions will be considered as much. It is an ideal choice for business, leisure, and relaxation. It is a street which has appreciated other cultures including Mexican, Italian, and Sushi cultures.

The South Ocean project was completed in 2019. Led by Joseph A. McMillan and Jay Phillip Parker, the project was one of the most ambitious in West Palm Beach boasting a beach residential front. The project was executed by DDG which has shown expertise and experience in carrying out similar projects over the years.

DDG is an intellectual and economic capital company which has developed unique designs in the construction industry. With offices in New York, California, and Florida, DDG boasts a highly competent team of professionals derived from multiple disciplines including asset management, the hospitality industry, development, and design.

The 3550 project contains 30 condominium residences which are facing the oceanfront. The property offers a perfect combination of privacy, amenities, location, and space. The classic property aims at appreciate the unique beauty of the surrounding. Due to the popularity of the homes, it did not take long for the company to look for buyers.

The Open Shore Project

The Open Shore project was conceived as a response to the many challenges faced by the people of West Palm Beach. The project aimed at triggering the much-needed change, celebrating the public space, and appreciating West Palm Beach and the potential that the city has. It also aimed at maximizing the potential of the city for optimal city performance based on metrics such as livability.

The Open Shore Project made an ambitious effort to re-imagine the downturn and its immense opportunities. As a young city, the city is experiencing a large retirement community, a young population as well as a high population of blacks and Hispanics. In short, there is a need to develop social amenities which serve the emerging population, and this is where the Open Shore Project comes in. There had to be a balance in managing the resources of the city in order to retain, and indeed, improve the quality of life among the residents.

The Open Shore Project goes beyond meeting the residential needs of the community and encourages social inclusion and social interaction. It is a project that has collected data and information that is going to respond to future growth as well as adaption. Indeed, the residential factors play a critical role in enhancing physical and mental health.

Open Shore looks at the future of West Palm Beach and sees an optimistic and bright future. The vision sees a city which is going to be open and accessible to all visitors. In addition to that, Open Shore envisions a city which will be bustling with diverse people as well as activities any time of the year. Moreover, the city is going to be healthy and comfortable for everyone who wants to visit, both the young people and the elderly people alike.

Open Shore project could as well have been a research project. It analyzed six local factors which determine the quality of life in West Palm Beach and these include the following: mobility, health, society, climate, activity, and sites.

Open Shore Project has identified the waterfront as having a major engineering potential. However, if it is to be utilized in an optimal way, then there ought to be major and professional engineering projects.

The Society of the Four Arts Palm Beach Engineering

Society of the Four Arts

Located in Palm Beach, the Society of the Four Arts offers a high quality and unique cultural exploration of Palm Beach. The campus boasts of unique engineering innovation and features including the following:

-Beautiful sculptures

-A library

-Botanical gardens

-State of the art education facility

In the course of the history of the Society of Four Arts, there was a major problem about parking which inconvenienced the residents in a big way. What the management did was to seek the expert advice of WGI, a highly reputable engineering company. What WGI did was to carry out a comprehensive and comprehensive modification of the site in order to eliminate the persisting parking problems. The engineering used the space in the green mall area in order to offer parking, and at the same time retain the beauty of the area.

WGI carried out the final plans of the site, do site data calculations, and liaise with the conversation commission as well as site council. The engineering company noted that there were existing site constrains, and going around such challenges required being creative. Of particular concern was how to solve the parking problems of the area, and at the same time retain its aesthetics for many years to come.

Spanish River Tunnels

The Spanish River Tunnels is another project by WGI IN Palm Beach, Florida. WGI was called upon in order to inspect the damage that was done on the tunnels. Consequently, WGI came up with plans and specifications on how to carry out a major repair. The engineering company acted on behalf of the city in order to repair the tunnels, offer a repair methodology, and estimate the quantities that are required.

La Follia, West Palm Beach

La Follia is one of the most expensive homes in Florida and in escrow with a top Palm Beach Accountant. The home is a unique engineering project boasting an Italian resistance style. The home includes the following: cabana, a pool, fruit orchards, a fitness center, lush gardens, and a private boat dock.

SFWMD engineering

The SFWMD project

The SFWMD project was carried out by ARCADIS, an international consulting and engineering company. The company has been recognized as an expert when it comes to issues of water management, and it was not surprising that the engineering company was able to secure the contract.

The main roles and responsibilities in this project included and not limited to the following:

-Carrying out the appropriate inspections

-Environmental permitting

-Water supply

-Enhancing the quality of the water

-Protection from natural disasters

-Visiting the site every day

It is the same company, ARCADIS, which was entrusted with in the protection as well as the restoration of the Florida Everglades ecosystem. This multi-million contract had a number of core mandates including construction of other storm water treatment areas as well as construction of other follow equalization basins.

Everglades, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is home to a number of endangered species, and over the years, the ecosystem has reduced to almost half due to human encroachment, population growth, agricultural expansion, and commercial and residential development.

Why Concentrate on Best Practices in Engineering

There are several advantages with concentrating on best practices in best practices that will lead to a big engineering project. To start with, such a design carries a strong aesthetic effect as well as an aura of authority and pride. To the investors, they have to stand out in the market by offering something unique. By investing in a big engineering project, they get buyers and tenants fast. To the business owners, they attract clients easily because customers like visiting attractive places for purchasing or window shopping.

Best engineering projects concentrate on smart growth as well as sustainability in their endeavours. In connection to this, environmental concerns that residents and business have are addressed.

In the US, land is becoming more and more expensive as the years go by. This is not just a phenomenon in the US, in places such as Seoul and Hong Kong, buying a piece of land or a building is too expensive. Engineers try to solve this problem by building unique designs which take less space.

Another significance with investing in a big engineering project is that old buildings can be demolished. Old buildings are generally unsightly, and can be dangerous to the residents. Mostly, children can be at risk from old buildings.

Investing in a big engineering project is part and parcel of improving the living standards of a country. It is about improving the quality of life and the experiences that people have von a certain country. The future generation greatly benefits from the decisions that the current generation makes.

In some cases, though a few of them, carrying out a big engineering project could be a matter of law. The government looks at the potential growth of a certain area and recommends that small engineering projects should be discouraged due to poor scalability rate. It is therefore important that such considerations are put in place in order to follow the government regulations and recommendations.

The modern trend in engineering is to go green and to help in the mitigation of climate change. In other words, the best engineering projects appreciate innovation, going green, and investing in product and services which do not contribute to the degradation of the environment. This is not just the right thing to do, but rather, it is a noble thing to do too.

The advantage with Florida is its favorable weather all the year round. This means that the construction projects can be under-taken and executed without getting worried over harsh climatic conditions which can make it difficult to provide a safe environment for construction.

Some states in the US face big challenges when it comes to weather and the construction industry. For example, carrying out any construction when it is snowing comes with challenges such as visibility. It is therefore important that such factors are put into consideration before embarking on any major engineering project.


Whereas big engineering projects have positive and optimal outcomes, they are not without their fair share of challenges. The biggest challenge that big engineering projects face is the pressure that comes from environmentalists. Some environmentalists view constant development as a challenge to the status quo and a threat to the environment. In some cases, they can initiate social activism against development.

Residents cry foul over the disruption that is created by big construction projects. For example, residents cry foul over the traffic jam that is created by mega engineering projects. Big engineering projects can be unsafe more so to school-going and young children.

Therefore, engineers should start planning early when they have a project that is going to be carried out. Planning early means that the engineering company can solve any problem with the residents. As an engineer, you cannot force the locals to accept development. Rather, you can concentrate on winning their hearts and minds.

As you try to convince the locals to accept the changes, show what you are doing with action. For example, you could state the safety measures that you are going to put in place. This will make your case more acceptable to the residents and make your work easier.


In the near future, West Palm Beach will have more major engineering projects as the needs of the city continue to grow. As a strategic business owner and investor, you need to position yourself to take advantage of such up-coming opportunities. Overall, West Palm Beach will continue benefiting from major engineering projects.