The Engineering of eCommerce Websites

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The discovery of the internet is, perhaps, one of the greatest discoveries made by man. With the internet, industries have made processes faster, have enhanced their marketing, and have boosted their output. In short, there has never been a better time to think about growth and expansion because of the benefits that come with the internet. An increasing number of people are appreciating that going online is far much better than having a physical store. An online platform translates to a wider client base, better visibility, and better sales.

At the center of running an online business is the need to launch a website and ensure that it is well maintained. This is where you need an ecommerce engineer. This is a professional who is responsible for the development and maintenance of ecommerce solutions. Terms that are used to describe an engineer for eCommerce tasks include ecommerce engineer, internet engineer, and solutions engineer. Other countries and other companies may opt to name a company depending on the specific role of the engineer in the specified ecommerce task.

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Engineering of eCommerce Websites

Having stated that, an engineer is going to make use of data tools in order to capture crucial leads, and give ecommerce a competitive edge. Amazon has exploited engineering of ecommerce websites in order to shape personalization between the company and the clients. The information obtained plays a critical role in making a decision on pricing, supply chain, and even advertising. Engineers at Nordstrom came up with a system that monitors the behavior and habits of the clients, and it makes use of wifi.

Engineers play an important role in helping the online visitors make a search, and get the right results for that matter. For example, in the modern market, an online visitor can make a search, and get the direct results, synonyms, and similar phrases.

But perhaps, the most important thing that ecommerce engineering does is that it looks at the mechanics of a website. Variables and parameters to check pertaining to the mechanics of a website include the following:

-How long the website takes to load

-The possibility of any errors observed when online visitors are visiting the website

-The question of a call to action and how it can be used effectively to ensure conversion

-How does the website look like from? Is it attractive or does it alienate the online visitor?

Data Privacy and Data Protection

Data Privacy and Data Protection

One of the greatest threats facing the modern websites is the possible invasion of privacy and possible data theft. As a matter of fact, this can be a nagging problem to an extent that it could interrupt your business. JP Morgan Chase will go down in history as having experienced one of the biggest intrusions in the information systems of corporations. The account holders faced the nightmare of having some of their personal information compromised. From the JP Morgan Chase data security case, four hackers were indicted including two Israelis.

In order to protect your business from such a public relations nightmare, you need to secure the services of an engineer. Such an engineer has the relevant knowledge and experience in understanding how data breach occurs, and how to prevent it.

The engineer understands the risks that a certain company faces as far as the use of websites is concerned. For example, companies which sell high end products could be targeted as hackers fish out the personal contacts of the celebrities. The engineer introduces measures which can be used to manage such risks as envisioned from the onset, all these is done in the confines of a specified time-frame.

Internet engineers have to imagine the future in order to protect their clients well. For example, a company that is growing is going to have more security needs in the future. In other words, more customers are going to warrant a higher level of security measures from the company. Therefore, the engineer is going to roll out scalable measures that are going to be implemented in response to the needs of the company.

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DIY or the Professionals

Just like other businesses anyway, it is possible to do your own eComnmerce engineering. This will start from making a decision on whether you want to deal with single-products or multi-products. A single product website is generally a one page (like a letter). Multiple products are going to require multiple pages. A website with many pages is going to require an advanced system for organizing multiple products. Similarly, a global company will be more demanding when it comes to the management of the website.

If you decide to do your own website engineering, think about the level of trustworthiness that expected of your website. In addition to that, think about the ease of use, as well as other factors such as the loading speed. When it comes to show-casing your products, you need a clear and big image. This is going to enhance the visibility of the products. Companies dealing with products will record a high level of traffic when compared to other niches, pet niche for instance.  If you sell Pacific Parrotlets, you want crystal clear pictures and descriptions.  These pictures need to have a high quality but a fast loading speed.

It is important that you select an eCommerce platform that is going to suits you. You can make an important integration of payment processes and WordPress plugin. You need to understand a term known as reverse engineering. This is the systematic study of what the competitors are doing in order to create your own business strategy. Critical things to check in this include how your competitors attract traffic and the keywords that they are using. Another thing to consider is whether you are going to use SAAS or open-source. However, do not blindly copy what your peers are doing. Rather, make a deliberate effort to be unique. Your engineer can help you come up with a very unique platform that will differentiate you from your peers.

Your website should have a theme, and this should be in tandem with the product that you are selling. For example, if your business deals with toys, think about having a strong theme of color and fun. Similarly, if you are providing consultancy services, in investing in mining in a certain region, color does not hold any significance. Rather, what matters is the reliability of the content that you present.

If you are from a non-technical background, you may need to consider having a partner who has a background in eCommerce engineering. With such a partner, you are going to start the eCommerce journey, and go hand in hand to the point of implementing engineering principles in building a website. After all, the rationale behind a partnership is to seek the skills that you are deficient in, and make sure that you get them from another person.

As you can see, the engineering of websites is not as simple as it may seem from the outside. It requires a lot of time, effort, and skills. Again, a DIY can come with its inherent challenges. Rather than thinking about doing this on your own, why not consider assigning the task to the professionals? This is going to save you a lot of resources and time. Again, you are going to have a professional product or service in the end.

When you hire a website developer, think about hiring an experienced one. Websites can look simple to manage, but they might not be that simple. A small problem can escalate to a big problem in a very short time, and can affect you negatively in the long run. An experienced engineer is going to offer you a high quality service. You need to ensure that your business is running all the time.

Again, when you hire a developer for your website, it is not advisable that you pick a jerk of all trades. You ought to think about a professional who has specific skills and experience on a certain domain or a certain jurisdiction. For example, it is not rational to hire a developer who has a solid experience in dating apps because he or she may not have much knowledge in ecommerce websites. Similarly, outsourcing your engineering tasks to countries beyond the US may save you on cost, but some countries have slightly different engineering preferences which may not be compatible with the common American systems.

There are several factors that will play a critical role in identifying the right eCommerce engineer. To start with, you have to evaluate the cost of the engineer, and see if hiring such a professional brings in a high cost of return on investment. At the same time, you need to come up with clear terms and conditions on the payment method and schedule.

An internet engineer should have the relevant competency in preparing various systems that are used in the field of ecommerce. In connection to this, he or she should be well conversant with the communication protocols as well as API’s. The following are the minimum requirements when hiring an internet engineer:

-The configuration and API compilation

-Knowledge of network systems

-A deep understanding of HTML and JAVA

There are some soft skills which are important if an internet engineer is going to carry out the required tasks competitively. It is important that one has strong analytical skills in order to solve complex problems facing the internet industry. In addition to that, one ought to have strong verbal and written skills in order to effectively serve the clients. In many cases, the engineering profession may require multi-tasking in order to save time.

The field of eCommerce requires a significant deal of research and development if a company is to survive in the future. The company’s engineer has to support this initiative in the best way possible. The employees of the company cannot carry out research and development in isolation. Rather, they are going to require a multi-disciplinary team in order to make an informed decision when it comes to identifying trends in the market.

Lastly, a solutions engineer should understand that the ecommerce area is a dynamic and fluid area. Consequently, one has to be ready to learn at all time. For example, you could ask your candidate if he takes refresher courses on the domain in question and if he attends market seminars on the same. In short, the candidate has to show that he or she makes an effort to learn, and to be updated on the latest trends affecting the industry.

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The Future of Engineering of eCommerce Websites

The future of engineering of eCommerce websites is bright and optimistic. This is because as technology becomes advanced, so is the increase of opportunities that come with technology. The future business market is going to benefit from data science. According to Persis Drell, the Stanford Engineering Dean, data science is going to contribute to seeking solutions to the problems of the future.

The future is going to have a trend where there will be less brick and mortar businesses as consumers prefer more efficient methods of shopping. For example, the average American employee could make an online order for food in order to save a few minutes which could have been used going to look for lunch. Similarly, some busy professionals may prefer taking online courses in order to concentrate on their careers.

Therefore, investing in an ecommerce engineer today, will translate to more opportunities in the future. The businesses that lay down their infrastructure early enough have a lot to gain, than other types of businesses.


Running a website carries immense opportunities that a brick and mortar store cannot provide. By shying away from traditional methods of business, you are going to tap more clients, and do business in a more efficient way.

With an eCommerce, you can colonize the American market, and even develop a global brand. However, you have to get the engineering right. You can do this yourself, or better still, seek the help of a professional. Overall, the engineering of ecommerce will have far reaching consequences in increasing the bottom-line of your business.